Our Cluster churches the support the church and community in Kyantale, Uganda. 
In the past as a cluster, we have helped them with

buying chairs and bibles for their church,
sewing machines and pineapple plants for their wider community projects.
Pastor Robert and Pastor Florence are very thankful for this and have said we are
‘a blessing to them’   
Like us, there has been a lockdown, due to the virus,
but there are also dreadful food shortages
brought on by failed crops due to the weather. 
While many here are suffering financially at present however,  
if anyone would like to donate to support the community in Kyantale,
it would be gratefully received, 


Please use the links below to make a donation to Kyantale, Uganda 

You will be directed to our GiveALittle page where you can make your payment.

Please note that your card statement may show St Agnes Parish Church but rest assured your donation will reach Uganda.


Donations to Uganda here


Pictures from Kyantale, showing food package distribution

Food packages consist of :-

25kgs of posho (ground maize)
10kgs of beans, 4 bars of soap,
3kgs of sugar and a face mask, which are made by the cooperative women

The cost of a food pachage is currently 120.000ugx about £26.   
This can sustain a family for 3 weeks or even a month depending on the size the family.